Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday's Specials

Chicken Florentine $7.49
w/ mushrooms, cheese, cream, bacon, & spinach, served over rice

Pastrami Wrap $6.25
Pastrami, Swiss, & Thousand Island

Buffalo Chicken Bulkie $6.99
w/ Vermont buffalo and Rhode Island Reds, all on steroids!

Meatball Subs $4.69 / $6.79

Macaroni Salad in the To-Go Cooler pre-priced @ $2.25/lb

Homemade Soups $2.79 / $3.59 / $4.29
Italian Sausage Soup – made w/genuine selected choice Italians parts
Chili con carne – meatless, naturally!!

Don't forget fresh cookies, brownies and Fruit to go with your lunch!!

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