Pearl Street Diner Takeout Grill Menu

Pearl Street Diner - Takeout Grill Menu
Served after 3 pm - Phone 862-3220
Philly Cheesesteak (whole)    $6.99 half $10.99 whole
the real thing, with shaved ribeye steak grilled with gooey American cheese, on a roll straight from Philly. Choice of onion, mushrooms, green peppers, mayo.

Chicken Philly Cheesesteak (whole)    $5.50 half $9.50 whole

Corned Beef Reuben    $8.99
homemade corned beef brisket sliced thin, grilled with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing on marble rye bread. 

Turkey Reuben    $8.50
Quarter pound of house roasted turkey, grilled with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing on toasted marble rye bread.

Kickin’ grilled cheese     $7.99
Parmesan coated bread holds the melty delight of Cabot Pepperjack, Cabot Cheddar and American cheeses.  A decadent grilled cheese. 

Classic Grilled Cheese    $3.99

Grilled ham & cheese     $6.75

Grilled cheese & tomato soup    $6.99
traditional grilled with American cheese and white bread, with a cup of tomato soup.
Turkey Club     $9.99
Fresh roasted turkey and mayo on one layer, a BLT on the other layer. On toasted white or wheat  

Tuna Melt    $6.99
tuna salad grilled, with American cheese melted on top. Served on grilled white bread

Grilled Chicken Sandwich    $6.49
with mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion - add bacon $1.00

Chicken Patty Sandwich    $4.99
Deep fried breaded chicken breast with mayo, lettuce, and  onion on toasted burger roll-
add bacon $2.00 add tomato $.50

Hot dog on grilled bun     $2.99
add sauerkraut 50 cents
Chili dog    $3.99

BLT    $7.50
served on toasted white or wheat bread, with mayo.    Add basil for an additional 50₵

Hot Open Faced Sandwiches    served on white bread with gravy, homemade mashed potatoes or fries.
 Senior portions available for $5.99

Hot Turkey – fresh baked, with gravy & homemade cranberry sauce    $8.99
Hot Hamburg – served with brown gravy    $8.99

a fresh quarter pound hand pattied burger on a fresh grilled bun.  Served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions,  chips and pickle.  Cheese choices: Cheddar, Swiss, Pepperjack, American.
Burger    single $3.75 double $4.99
Cheeseburger    single $4.50, double $5.99
Bacon burger    single $5.50, double $6.99
Bacon cheeseburger    single $6.25, double $7.49
Veggie burger    $5.99
made in-house with black beans & veggies & served with chipotle lime mayo, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions
Add mushrooms to any of the above $1.00, extra bacon $1.00  

French Fries    small $2.00, large $3.50
Gravy Fries (brown or turkey gravy)    small $3.00, large $4.99
Chicken Tenders (with bbq sauce or honey mustard)    $6.50
Chili Cheese Fries    small $4.00, large $6.00
Chili    small $3.49, med $4.59 large $5.69
Frito Pie (Chili & cheese over frito chips)    $6.00

Phone 862-3220
87 Pearl Street
Burlington, VT 05401

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